English (7-12) Teacher - Permanent Full-Time - Readvertised

Closing date - 4.00 pm Monday 13 November 2017

This position is a permanent position commencing at the beginning of the 2018 academic year. This position is a full-time position.

The successful candidate will assist the English Faculty, under the supervision of the Head of English, to develop and implement programs and maintain the high levels of achievement from our students in the English curriculum area.

Core Responsibilities

  • Actively support the College's Christian Mission, Strategic Plan and Vision Statement.
  • Provide engaging and quality teaching to Stage 4–6 students, maintaining the high levels of achievement and interest from our students in the English curriculum area.
  • Provide engaging and quality Bible-based devotions to an assigned House Tutor group and assist with the College's cocurricular and wellbeing based activities as required.
  • Provide effective differentiation to meet the learning and pastoral needs of all students.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to design, implement, and evaluate learning and teaching programs using well-structured lessons and lesson sequences.
  • Integrate the use of and teaching of literacy, numeracy and ICT into teaching practices to effectively develop student's knowledge, skills and the ability to problem solve.
  • Develop a classroom and whole school culture of high expectations for all students.
  • Create and maintain engaging, supportive and safe learning environments.
  • Use a range of assessment tools to assess student learning, provide timely and effective feedback and report on student learning.
  • Use effective classroom management strategies that will encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.
  • Engage in professional learning and professional networking.
  • Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the wider community.
  • The applicant is required to:

  • demonstrate an excellent level of knowledge in the NSW K-12 syllabus incorporating the Australian Curriculum for English Stage 4, 5 and 6.
  • demonstrate an awareness of the new Stage 6 Syllabus.
  • demonstrate an excellent level of skill in pedagogical practice incorporating a range of teaching techniques, with a focus on embedding formative assessment and inquiry-based learning.
  • create a positive learning environment which challenges students to achieve academic and personal excellence.
  • proficiently use a range of common ICT applications (e.g. Internet browsers, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel).
  • actively adhere to and enforce the College policies as required.
  • maintain positive academic and pastoral relationships with students and families by providing regular and timely feedback on academic progress, behaviour and application.
  • maintain orderly routines to create an environment where all students are engaged in purposeful learning tasks, managing any discipline issues promptly, fairly and respectfully.
  • be organised for, and punctual to, commitments, including lessons, meetings and duties.
  • dress and behave in a professional manner.
  • actively carry out playground supervision and other duties with vigilance as determined by the Headmaster.
  • implement the College Wellbeing Policy and Program through the House Tutor time and wellbeing activities.
  • be involved in the College’s cocurricular program and take opportunities to support students’ talents and achievements by attending cocurricular and showcase events.
  • attend one Camp per year, if requested by the Headmaster.
  • consistently work in a professional manner, meeting deadlines, working as a constructive member of a team and adhering to and enforcing the College policies as appropriate.
  • take responsibility to report any concerns relating to the Work, Health and Safety of staff or students to their supervisor and the Chair of the WHS Committee.
  • refrain from addressing College-related concerns through social media, adhering to the child protection policies of the College.
  • maintain their accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers.
  • maintain their Child Protection eligibility to enable them to teach in NSW.
  • undertake any other duties as determined by the Headmaster.
  • Closing date - 4.00 pm Monday 13 November 2017

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