Years 1–2

In Stage 1, students develop curiosity and creative thinking through learning about their place in the world and applying understandings to real world problems.

Developing curiosity and creative thinking through activities

This is achieved by providing exciting, hands-on and authentic activities that are focused on curriculum based outcomes. It is an important stage where literacy and numeracy skills are consolidated. Students participate in differentiated maths groups that cater for individual learning styles. Stage 1 students learn to persevere by being resilient, and embracing challenges.

Specialised PE lessons and Co-curricular Activities

Stage 1 students participate in our specialised PE lessons that include swimming, dance, Hot Shots tennis and football (soccer). Students have the opportunity to join cocurricular activities such as choir, knitting club, Christian fellowship and dance club.


A Taste of Years 1–2

Get a taste of the College with this 2 minute video.