The College values the huge amount of assistance we gain from our parents and grandparents in the classroom on excursions, at sport, during activities etc. and we encourage as many as possible to ‘put their hand up’.

Helpers in the classroom and other activities enhance the teaching and learning program and activities for our students, under the guidance and duty of care of the teacher, in many ways. If you wish to help in the classroom the College would love to hear from you.

Volunteers helping in classrooms and on activities you are required to complete a Working with Children Check via the Office of Children’s Guardian website

You are then required to go to a Service NSW Centre with your application number to have your identity verified. The process is of no cost to volunteers.

Parents and Grandparents are able to download the Parent / Grandparent Helpers Induction Package from the Quick Links page on the College intranet that will assist in being a volunteer at Broughton.