Broughton Anglican College

Announcing: Partnership with Macarthur Astronomical Society!

Announcing: Partnership with Macarthur Astronomical Society!

Macarthur Astronomical Society (MAS) has offered to partner with Broughton Anglican College Science and STEM students to mentor students to complete projects using telescopes.

Every year students across years 7 – 11 will complete a major scientific investigation or STEM project as part of their science courses. Students apply to Dr Jackson to be paired with an external mentor from MAS who will help them understand how to use a telescope and assist the student to use the mentor’s telescope to take observations, measurements and even photographs of celestial objects. These projects would replace a student’s regular assessment task/major project. Here are some possible projects that students could take on with a mentor:

  • A survey of Southern Skies: explore the objects present in the southern night skies and explain their importance to astronomy/astrophysics
  • Astrophotography: Take photographs (through a telescope) of a chosen object (or objects) and interpret features of the image produced to explain the physics of the object.
  • Light pollution: View the night sky at various locations to explore the causes and effects of light pollution and come up with potential solutions.
  • Variable stars: Collect measurements of the brightness of variable star(s) to determine the type of variable and period of variation.
  • Jupiter’s moons: Take observations of the rotational period of Jupiter’s moons to determine the mass of Jupiter!
  • Spectroscopy: Build a device to take spectroscopic photos of cosmic objects and use the results to determine the chemicals present in those objects
  • Map the craters of the moon: Take careful observations of the moon to create a ‘lunargraphic’ (not geographic...) map of its surface

All students and families are invited to connect with the Macarthur Astronomical Society – their society offers regular public astronomy nights and members enjoy monthly forums where significant members of the astronomy community (researchers, and lead scientists across the world) present on interesting topics, and have additional regular member’s viewing nights, tours and special events. Please see for more information.