Broughton Anglican College

Kids Litquiz

Kids Litquiz

‘On Tuesday 27 March, we had the privilege of representing our school in the Kids Lit Quiz.

This is a competition which is designed to test student’s knowledge of all things book related; the author, characters, plot, etc. We had been practicing for a few months, with the help of Mrs Sheerman and Mrs Koek.

When we arrived at Cerdon College where this particular heat was being held, we went into the hall to find tables labelled with the schools’ team name and the famous Quizmaster. After finding our table and checking out the different book prizes on offer, we had to choose our Joker round. Kids Lit Quiz consists of 10 different rounds, all with different topics. Every team has to choose a Joker round, meaning that their score in that given round will be doubled, giving them more points – in the end, our team placed our Joker on the Folktales round.

Once the quiz began, we had to put all of our practise and countless hours spent reading hard at work. We worked really well as a team and maintained a high score throughout. In between rounds, the Quizmaster would ask both the audience and students questions, giving them five dollars if they got it correct. At the end of each round, the team with the highest score would win a book prize. Our team won the book prize for Folktales, which was our Joker round.

At the end of the competition, we all waited eagerly for the results and we were thrilled when we found out that we were in second place, and by only one point!

Now, in May we are going to the National Final in Sydney, with the chance to represent both our school and country at the World Final which is being held in New Zealand, later this year.

We would like to thank Mrs Sheerman and Mrs Koek for their time and support throughout this competition – hopefully all of our hard work will pay off!’

Payton Osborne Year 7